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Stay in sync using our menu-bar and accompanying Mac app. Built for remote teams by a remote team.
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How can Ship help my team?

Ship's desktop and menu bar app give you the complete view of CI/CD workflows across your whole organization - bringing all of your workflow events from various providers (GitHub Actions, CircleCI, Netlify, and more) into one easy to use dashboard.


As a developer, Ship provides you with instant visibility of your team’s entire CI/CD workflow. You’ll receive relevant notifications of CI build failures or successes, and will be empowered to collaborate with your teammates to fix broken builds, announce new features, and discuss workflow outputs.

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What's New?

Know exactly what’s available to test and where to find it. Ship combines technical signals from your existing CD process with contextualized human insight, keeping your team informed and up to speed.

What's the status?

Track progress via the Ship desktop app and menu bar, with instant visibility and announcements. When notifications in Slack are too noisy to be a useful signal, Ship helps.

Who's on it?

See who’s working on a broken workflow, and get involved without jumping through Slack or your email. Ship is the fastest way to help your team.

How do we fix it?

Fixing breakages quickly is key. Ship helps you gather all the necessary data from tools, and updates from people, to get your team back on track ASAP.

Built for remote

Just because we’re remote doesn’t mean we never sync up. Ship brings the benefits of working in an office to remote teams, when they need it. We know, because we use it!


We integrate with Github Actions and Slack today, with many more integrations coming soon.

Four Key Metrics

Ship is built to improve the most important DevOps KPIs of your engineering team. The best software teams in the world have a laser focus on shipping quality software quickly and frequently.
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