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Integrate Ship with GitHub Actions and bring all your CI/CD output events into the powerful Ship workspace.

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How does Ship improve your experience with GitHub Actions?

Supercharge your build monitoring when you integrate Ship with your GitHub Actions Workflows

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Ship is a communication power tool for working with busy CI/CD workflows across all the repositories that matter to you. With an elegant desktop + menu bar app combo, Ship allows you to see the current status of all of your builds and pipelines at a glance.  📊

Real time targeted alerts 💥

Rather than keeping another browser tab open, or getting distracted with noisy Slack alerts, Ship will keep you in sync with focused notifications and visual cues when a workflow run starts, completes, or fails.

This level of visibility is crucial for teams who want to ship fast; and even more important when working remotely. 🌎 With Ship, you'll know exactly what's being shipped, when, where, and by who, without having to jump through hoops!

Visibility across your whole organization 👀

Unlike Github Actions' own UI, Ship gives you the complete view of workflows across your whole organization. See at-a-glance statuses with the menu bar app, get an idea of your organization’s heartbeat with the cross-repo activity view, and drill into specific users' activity across all of their (or your!) work. And if all of that is too much, Ship lets you filter down to just the repositories and workflows that matter to you.

Ship gives you the personal build monitor that Github Actions doesn’t provide.

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Communication made easy with Ship 📢

When a GitHub Actions workflow fails, communicate to your team that you're 'On it' with a single click. Peace of mind for your team is just a click away!

When a workflow completes, you can announce what was included in that deployment using Announcements. You worked hard on that feature, so show it off!

Ship brings your team closer together and makes it easier for everyone - Developers, Product Managers, Designers, and Executives - to stay up to speed with the development life cycle.

Ship + Slack + GitHub Actions: A match made in DevOps heaven 😇

Sometimes, you'll want to dive deeper into an issue and discuss it with your team. Ship's integration with Slack allows you to do just that.

Instantly start a Slack thread from a workflow event in Ship. All the necessary details will be pulled over into Slack so you and your team have all the context you need to get to the bottom of the issue. This also helps keep a historical log of the issues your team faces, and the intricate conversations that lead to solutions.

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How to get started with Ship for GitHub Actions

Getting started with Ship for GitHub Actions is easy. Follow the steps here to get started for free, or drop us a line if you want to know more!

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